Founded over 100 years ago in Biel, Switzerland, CONCORD is a luxury watch brand with a rich history studded with iconic, award-winning timepieces and an innovative vision. Rooted in its determination to build on the remarkable technical design achievements of its recent past, while combining them with its current visionary thinking, CONCORD is in full keeping with the true meaning of its name, which is HARMONY. The re-launch of the iconic 1980s Saratoga Collection in a number of fully 21st-century iterations has resulted in this historical watch line becoming a strong pillar of the brand. This distinctive new incarnation combines traditional thoroughbred elegance and timeless distinction. In 2014, CONCORD headed for the high seas with the re-launch of the 1980 Mariner Collection. Inspired by a chic, sophisticated marina lifestyle, CONCORD captures the essence of today’s casual yet elegant dress code for both men and women who are seeking an alternative watch that exudes personality. In 2016, CONDORD celebrated clear-sighted visionaries with the re-launch of the distinctive new Impresario collection. Introduced in 1998, the Impresario made a proud comeback as a key innovation, for the brand ingeniously brought this formerly great collection back into the spotlight of contemporary watch design with a harmonious new blend of tradition and modernity. For this edition of Baselworld, CONCORD is presenting an exciting range of novelties from these timeless collections, with their unique and distinct heritage.