The World of Imperiali

Imperiali Genève is much more than a brand; it is an art of living. Driven by a love of beauty and an uncompromising desire to innovate by playing with and overcoming the laws of physics, Imperiali revisits and reinterprets everyday objects, transforming them into true masterpieces. The technological complexity of these creations – which are entirely produced in Switzerland – is only equalled by the degree of attention paid to their every detail. These unique pieces are simply extraordinary. They are the fruit of two to three years of diligent work carried out by a hundred professionals, from the research and development phase to the final, often personalised, adornments. These are products of supreme exclusivity, designed, developed and produced for the most discerning connoisseurs, enlightened aesthetes and admirers of human ingenuity. Behind Imperiali is the long-standing friendship between David Pasciuto and Stéphane Nazzal. Genevois by adoption, they share a passion for fine mechanics and for seeking new challenges that they make a point of taking up. When faced with ever-increasing obstacles, they never lower their sights, giving rise to unprecedented developments that are patented worldwide.