Life. Ambition. Achievement. Challenges, both big and ambitious, drawing the line of peaks on the horizon. In the face of these challenges we stand, with the strength and courage to reach the top, unceasingly. Striving to conquer the summit, aiming for aspirations. The everyday hero, wading forward against the tide. Bergstern is a distinctive brand, whose foundations are underpinned by exceptional, strong and noble inspirations. The first of these is the enchanting beauty of the Swiss landscape, its purity, grandeur and majesty. A place where the mountains seem to touch the heavens, reaching for the stars. The second inspiration, however, is the strength of human character and all the traits that enable it to develop, improve, steadfastly strive for success and fulfil bold dreams. The reference point for the ideals that gave birth to the Bergstern brand is Switzerland itself. It goes without saying that this is the only location that fits the bill. It is in Switzerland that each and every Bergstern watch is produced, from the initial design, through technologically advanced production processes to rigorous quality control procedures. All Bergstern models can boast the Swiss Made signature. The hallmark of Bergstern timepieces is quality, aspiring specification at an accessible price. This holds for all three product lines, dividing models by style and intended use into classic, sports and decorative ladies' watches. Bergstern watch cases are made from stainless steel or titanium. Depending on the model, the glass is reinforced mineral or sapphire. At the heart of every Bergstern watch is Swiss reliability and precision in the shape of a Ronda or ETA movement, with functions such as chronograph tailored to the character of the model. The right bracelet, rubber strap or natural leather strap is selected for each model. The IPG process ensures high scratch-resistance, as does electroplating with a 10-micron layer. Classic and decorative models are water resistant to 30 or 50 metres, and sports models to 100 metres. Bergstern is stylish, its designs treading a path between classic and modern, and yet it is also practical, with an eye to the circumstances and tasks of everyday life and the exceptional, all with unique character. Its greatest asset is stylistic moderation and the universality that goes together with it. These characteristics, which echo the spirit of the brand, make it the ideal companion for any challenge. Classic models charm with the impeccability of their shape and detail, their sporting dynamism and contrasting accents; jewellery models with their discreet elegance and refinement of the line. The Bergstern brand is designed for the achievers of today, those who know what they want and are ready to go for it, persistently and consistently. For those who are aware that success requires flexibility and determination, who are all the more unswerving when the goal seems distant – like a star above a mountain ridge.