We are entrepreneurial, an independent, Swiss family-run business. We believe in challenging the norm. We manufacture in-house. All our movements are manufactured in-house. Every watch is built and finished by hand. We make ingenious products. Our watches house unique features. Our complications are simple and functional. We do everything in our power to make better watches.


We believe in-house manufacturing to be sacrosanct. Our company’s R&D department, technical section and integrated assembly workshop not only ensure most parts of an H. Moser watch movement are made in-house, but that all design, research and development is also carried out on the premises. This gives us total control over quality, very rare in watch manufacturing today. Our watches are produced in such small numbers that they are very rare. So rare, in fact, that you will probably have never seen one. Built and designed with uncommon skill and flair, each watch incorporates a number of ingenious functions, all practical and simple to use, as well as being innovative.