Following our convictions - The story of Maurice Lacroix

As creators of instruments that celebrate the movement of time, we understand how valuable every second is. To this end, it is not surprising that Maurice Lacroix has achieved so much so quickly. 

Since creating our first watch model in 1975 our efforts have reaped an abundance of design awards and patents for our unique innovations – catapulting us into the hallowed league of Swiss Watch Manufacturers. Today, we employ over 200 people worldwide, but like those who bear our symbol on their wrists, it is how we have achieved our success that sets us apart.

We write our own history. Our desire is not only to preserve the precious traditions of Swiss watch making, but also to expand those boundaries. At our dedicated workshops we handcraft our own ground-breaking designs, from stunning faces to precision movements. The result is a collection of truly unique timepieces representing the zenith of contemporary engineering, yet woven with heritage.

Of course, choosing to walk our own path is not always easy. But only by being true to yourself can you achieve a success you can genuinely call your own.

This is our philosophy. This is how we follow our convictions.