LOUIS GOLAY Signed & Sealed ®
LOUIS GOLAY Signed & Sealed ®


- 镶嵌

Signed & Sealed ®

The magic of pearls, comfort and, as a bonus, innovation: Golay has a patented threading technique on steel thread for an elegant and safe necklace, making periodical restringing totally unnecessary. Every Signed & Sealed® necklace is delivered with a universal, interchangeable detachable clasp. Thanks to this system, women can link different necklaces together to create their own collection which can be adapted to their mood or to the occasion. The quality of the pearls is guaranteed by Golay.
Standard length: 42 cm Mounted on flexible steel thread sealed at both ends 67 standard necklace models: Akoya, Eau Douce and Tahiti Colours: white, gilded, grey, multicoloured Shapes: round, oval, buttons, baroque Size of pearls: 5.5 mm - 11 mm, according to the model Clasps: Delivered with standard steel clasp. 38 kinds of interchangeable bayonet clasps available in white or yellow gold, matt or shiny, set with diamonds.