STROM Agonium Collection: Draco
STROM Agonium Collection: Draco
STROM Agonium Collection: Draco

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Agonium Collection: Draco

STROM adds a new and exclusive watch model to the Agonium collection - the "Draco" model

Following the successful launch of the Agonium Collection with the model "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem" in 2010, Daniel Strom now presents the second limited edition model of this independent product line, the "Draco". People have always been fascinated by mysterious elements and magical experiences − by wondrous phenomena that seem to be more powerful, more unswerving, older and greater than people themselves. 

Dragons, those mystical beings, have been accompanying mankind for thousands of years and assume many different guises, linking generations and their ways of thinking and ways of life and forming an essential part of all cultures. They will always be connected with the history, life and fate of mankind. In every culture throughout the world, they forge a link between past and present, and will continue to play a part in the future. Dragons have always been around and will remain a tangible presence.

Time has the same powerful character. Dragons and time, the two most wondrous, eternal and diverse phenomena of mankind, provoke with their conflicting meanings mankind's fantasy, humility and beliefs. They evoke not only a belief in oneself, in one's own strengths and virtues, in life and happiness, but also in the transience of man, the waste of time and how dangerous it is to play with the fire of life: some warm themselves, others get burned.

The "Draco" is the oldest mythical being in the world. It came into existence in the here and now, yet carries inside it the energy of many thousands of years, the wisdom of innumerable cultures and the courage of numerous visionaries. With this immense treasure, the "Draco" stands guard over our time on Earth - our life time.


Technical Specifications:

These watches are made 100% in Switzerland, each case is handmade and handfinished. Each timepiece is made for the client and can be personalized.

Case: Handmade (casting) silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum
Container: Stainless steel with double curved sapphire crystal, antireflex coating, waterresistance 50m
Movement: Mechanical automatic movement caliber 2824
Dial: black or bone-white
Hands: Polished steel-hands white or redgold plated
Strap: Alligator Hornback black
Buckle: Handmade with dragonhead in silver 925, 18 ct gold, palladium or platinum