VENTURA v-tec® Kappa
VENTURA v-tec® Kappa
VENTURA v-tec® Kappa

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v-tec® Kappa

Shortly before his much to early demise, Wettstein finished his last masterpiece of what now appears to be part of a trilogy, the v-tec Kappa. Using the same VEN_04 movement contained in «Alpha» and «Delta», Kappa is again thoroughly different and archetypical with a most confident design void of any decorative element. While the prevailing watch trends aim to overwhelm with burlesque, almost hysterical dramatism, the dramatic of Kappa lies in its cool and bold simplicity. 

At first contact, the Kappa impresses with its light weight; case and –in one of the sku’s- the band are made of Titanox®. This Ventura-proprietary material is based on pure titanium-parts submitted to vacuum and extreme heat and then hardened with liquid nitrogen; finally, a micro-thin coat of liquid glass is applied to prevent fingerprint-stains.  Highly scratch-resistant Titanox® and crystals made of extremely hard synthetic sapphire ensure that the v-tec Kappa retains its original beauty and longevity for many years to come, an important aspect of the Ventura philosophy.

The heart of the Kappa is the exclusive, Swiss-manufactured VEN_04 movement with its unique EasyScroll® operating system. The latter not only gives access to multiple functions but allows their usage in a most intuitive way without any necessity of reading a manual.
To finally bring the v-tec Kappa to the market is one of the motivations of Ventura-founder Pierre Nobs to reactivate the brand. The proprietors of his original Ventura Design on Time Ltd. brought the company to bankruptcy in 2007.

Nobs recently returned from retirement to purchase the assets and to incorporate with investor-friends as Ventura Watch Ltd. with the intention to continue the brand founded in1989 in the original spirit of building quality timepieces with unique, contemporary design.
The new v-tec Kappa will be available in a limited edition and in three varieties starting early summer and at prices starting at 920 Euro. 

The Swiss architect shaped the corporate identity and product design of Ventura for more than a decade with his distinctive pen. In the mid-nineties, his bold and contemporary v-matic Chronometers shook up an industry that relied so long on rehashing «traditional values» with watches that could only be set apart by the brand-name printed on the dials; the entire v-matic was a brand!  Yet, Wettstein wanted to break through the wall of numerous restrictions imposed by standard mechanical movements and encouraged Ventura to develop into a «Manufacture électronique».  The freedom offered by modern electronics allowed an entirely new conception of how a timepiece should function and look like today, while of course retaining the Swiss understanding of quality. 

The v-tec Alpha is the result of a process typical for the way Wettstein approached projects: By analyzing and questioning all rules commonly applied in design, construction and production of a product, retaining only those which make sense and withstand rigorous scrutiny; then to add new elements after they’ve passed equally strict examination of purpose and functionality. Wettstein was never interested in just creating «nice products», he believed that aiming for ergonomic and technical perfection, using quality materials to enhance longevity would ultimately create beauty.  

The v-tec Delta introduced a year later demonstrates how Hannes Wettstein was able to question his own work and then to implement entirely new ideas without compromising essential previous solutions. 


• Time + Date 1, Alarm
• Time + Date 2, Alarm
• 12h or 24h format setting
• Perpetual calendar with setting of 3 formats
• Chronograph 24H/M/S/100“-Sec.
• Countdown 24h
• Display back light
• EasySkroll® operating system
• Water resistant 3 bar