ICELINK - 6Timezone Mystic
ICELINK - 6Timezone Mystic
ICELINK - 6Timezone Mystic

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6Timezone Mystic

The new 6Timezone Mystic collection, announces the firm intention to ward off these dangers in order to better weather the economic storm and make a lasting impression with the brand. A return to values, the expression of a fully assumed aesthetic, the vibration of colours and stones, the Icelink brand invites everyone to set their sights on 6 key moments for 2009 that are so different from others. The world does not stop turning. Close your eyes, dream, feel and live. The chips are down, the curtain is about to rise…

Despite this year’s current morose atmosphere, the Icelink brand wishes to invite friends of the brand to draw from the force of its colours and forms, and to affirm an uninhibited life style as a last stand against the general gloom. Tinted with mysticism, clothed in spirituality, the new 6Timezone Mystic collection is an invitation to discover new paths and explore new dimensions, so as to create a climate conducive to the return of calm and confidence. The new 6Timezone Mystic gives rhythm to the time for reflection so that new foundations arise based on 6 pillars: confidence, folly, creativity, know-how, respect and desire—the desire always to surprise. In the end? A single certainty, for one cannot deny one’s origins. Icelink, the free electron of gem watch-making, proclaims loud and clear: The show must go on ! Like a hymn to life, to survival, the brand’s new credo « Life’s too short, Shine !(c) » is addressed to all who want to live a life without borders or constraints, today more than ever.

Los Angeles Outside, Swiss Inside.
Not afraid to rock the boat of conventional watch-making, the Icelink brand fully assumes its adherence to the new era of ‘no inhibitions’. Without ever transgressing the secular values of Swiss-made watch-making expertise, it responds unconditionally and with a gem masterpiece to the aspirations of those who identify with audacious luxury and enjoy life to the fullest.