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The Book

A specialist in chronographs and technical watches, Breitling
has also shared the finest hours in the conquest of the skies.
For the very first time, a magnificent new publication tells the
detailed story of this grand adventure so inseparably entwined
with that of modern times. Based on new historical
research and enlivened by more than 450 images, including
numerous original documents, Breitling The Book is destined
to become a must-have reference work for brand lovers, as
well as for devotees of watchmaking, chronographs and

Breitling The Book describes 125 years of passion for chronographs,
reminding readers of the crucial role Breitling has played in the
technical development of this type of watches – from the first pocket
watches created by Léon Breitling from 1884 right the way through
to today’s “instruments for professionals”, and along the way the
invention of the first independent pushpiece in 1915, the separation
of the “stop/start” and “reset” functions in 1923, the invention of
the second independent pushpiece in 1934 and the first selfwinding
chronograph in 1969.

The account also highlights the close links between the brand and
the aeronautical world ever since the era of the great aviation
pioneers. A combination of words and pictures provide a chance to
discover the famous onboard chronographs that gained Breitling a
special place in airplane cockpits from the 1930s onwards and
enabled it to accompany the boom in airline transport by becoming
“official supplier to world aviation”. Not to mention the numerous
wrist instruments intended for aviators, including the famous 1952
Navitimer that quickly became a cult model for pilots the world over.
Published at a time when Breitling has taken a decisive new step by
launching its own mechanical chronograph movement, this book
also outlines the chief characteristics of the new Caliber B01 which
represents the culmination of a longstanding quest for excellence,
performance and independence.

Past, present and future thus unite in a shared momentum fueled by
“the chronograph spirit, the Breitling spirit”.

Written in a lively tone, extremely well documented and presented
in an original and pared-down graphic design style, Breitling The
Book is available in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish
or Italian. It can be ordered via the
website, as well as from authorized Breitling retailers.

Breitling The Book
by Hervé Genoud
336 pages, bound, 24 x 30 cm
450 black/white and color illustrations
Available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.