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ROMAIN JEROME - Titanic-DNA Day and Night Spiral

The concept of Day&Night, a timepiece that does not tell the time, was such a success that Romain Jerome has responded to customers’ demand by developing a new limited edition of 9 timepieces... with hands!

Launched in 2008 at Baselworld, Day&Night was a potent symbol of the philosophical thinking of watchmakers Romain Jerome. It brought a new system of time measurement hingeing on the sequential operation of two Tourbillons that divided the temporal world into two segments: day versus night.

Received with immense public acclaim, but also evoking considerable controversy, this creation of Haute Horlogerie, formerly devoid of hands, is now entrusted with the contradictory and conventional task of displaying the time of day as ordinary people understand it – what a heresy!

However, Right-Thinking people should not rejoice too soon: the new edition of Day&Night changes tack and this time celebrates watchmaking creativity by offering food for thought on the creative freedom of the movement, symbolized here by a spiral applied on its dial.

Let its fervent admirers be reassured. The Day&Night with its spiral dial is more than ever a symbol of the creativity of a watchmaking House that in this way asserts its determination to defend freedom of expression – in the arts!