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Traditional music very much on the go

The famous manufacturer of music boxes and singing birds from the Swiss village of Sainte-Croix, is continuing their development to a younger and trendier image. Since today, you can download on their web-site several beautiful music pieces for your mobile phone.
The basic idea of REUGE is to extend its traditional clientèle and to appeal more and more to a younger and more dynamic public. REUGE offers not only the most exquisite wood-inlay boxes but also design pieces made with glass, carbon, metal and many more unexpected materials.
Today, REUGE goes one more step in this direction: Are you bored and/or upset with the same ring tone over and over? Check out where you can download (free of charge) these melodies: Silent Night, Canon, Edelweiss, Waltz of the Flowers and The Magic Flute from Mozart. 
Very much as 150 years ago: emotions, feelings and a lot of memories. A Merry Christmas from REUGE.

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