ALFEX - Happy Moments Model 5601
ALFEX - Happy Moments Model 5601
ALFEX - Happy Moments Model 5601

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Happy Moments Model 5601

The Big Line collection by Alfex
Model 5601

The frenzy of the times, the ever crowded schedule of things to do, the rush to get to your daily meetings on time. Sometimes it's difficult to slow down, to cut back on the everyday chores and responsibilities.

Some commitments, however, offer precious moments which we never want to miss. Precious moments that remind us of the true pleasures of life.

Alfex has paid tribute to these moments with a special gift for the ladies who want their own time: The new Happy Moments of the Big Line collection. The new Happy Moments model features modern and feminine design.

Among the features of this exceptional watch: 1019 quartz movement by Ronda with an open calendar and a small star-shaped seconds counter.

A watch that captures happy moments, sporting a bright stainless-steel case with a sapphire crystal and featuring an integrated reflector highlighted with a real diamond. Using a crown located at 2 o’clock, the reflector can be turned and the diamond locked on the selected hour, to capture your happy moments.

Slide the jewel to that special point on the dial that you want to remember, or to the current time in your preferred city. Only you will know the meaning of the setting of your precious diamond!

Available with a white, black or chocolate-colored dial, with matching leather wrist band.
Guaranteed water-resistant to a pressure of 5 atmospheres.

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