PIERRE BALMAIN - Chain Watch: not surprisingly, an engaging watch

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PIERRE Chain Watch: not surprisingly, an engaging watch

For the first time the Balmain collection is enhanced by a watch with a chain bracelet. All curves and elegance, full of character and lightweight, delicate and casual, it is hardly surprising that the Chain Watch and its polished rings is engaging.

It is a sheer coincidence of the calendar in this Olympic year that, for the first time in its history, Balmain has decided to honour rings with the Chain Watch, in the form of a most beautiful chain bracelet. 

This steel bracelet - no chance here - has undisputed advantages. Firstly in terms of comfort. Like a necklace, it adjusts delicately and accurately to all wrists. The skin feels constantly caressed by the carefully polished steel and play of the links.  

Secondly, in terms of aesthetics. The bracelet not only boosts the natural elegance and lightness of the watch, it also gives in an undisputed casual air. Not to say carefree, as an end of the bracelet can hang frivolously from the finest wrists.

This elegance and lightness are made more beautiful by the mother-of-pearl dial with its dancing legendary arabesques - reworked for the occasion - that Balmain holds so dear. One minute they conjure up a hazy sky full of clouds, the next birds twirling in the air or even the delicate foliage of plants. The black dial model has the appearance of enigmatic heavens under which shine twelve luminescent index.  

Both dials are enlivened by two-tone hands operated by a quartz movement.
As if weightless, held by the bracelet links, the steel case conjures up a distant heavenly body that is nevertheless dazzling with perfect curves. All the brighter that it harmoniously plays fast and loose with the silvered reflections of the polished and brushed and with the name of the St. Imier brand, engraved eternally on its middle case. 
Presented for the first time at Basle 2008, the Chain Watch has already aroused enthusiastic chain reactions. It is true that with such an engaging personality…