BLU - Highest award for Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3
BLU - Highest award for Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3
BLU - Highest award for Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3

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Highest award for Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3

On the occasion of Asia’s largest watch and jewellery fair „A Journey Through Time“ in Malaysias capital Kuala Lumpur, the intriguingly complex Triple- Axis Orbiting Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3 was awarded „The Malaysia Most Revered Watch 2007“. 

Company founder and technical director Bernhard Lederer received the trophy from the hand of Malaysia’s Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, who attended the ceremony of the first ever Starhill Gallery Watch Awards. The jewellery and watch fair saw over 100 watch brands exhibiting their precious products in Kuala Lumpur’s most luxurious shopping mall Starhill Gallery for ten days in early December. In his speech Dr Francis Yeoh, mastermind of the spectacular event, pointed out the special importance of high watchmaking craftsmanship in Malaysia and underlined his country’s significance for the markets of the Asia-Pacific region. „With the Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3, Blu has unveiled something unique that the world has not seen and which made a statement in its design and technology.“ In addition to the top award „The Malaysia Most Revered Wach 2007“ further category awards were given to the four watch brands Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Van Cleef & Arpels and Villemont. Bernhard Lederer is very fond of the award for his Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3. The beautifully scupltured trophy will adorn the new Blu Boutique which opened in Kuala Lumpur’s Starhill Gallery just a few days before the prizegiving.


A new context
„Ordinary watches never had any appeal to me“, says Bernhard Lederer, who already in his apprenticeship days loved to work on extraordinary and complicated timepieces. Working and thinking himself into the minds of the Great Masters, but drawing own conclusions and applying the new knowledge in a new context – such was the professional challenge for the young German watchmaker.

Bernhard Lederer’s Universe
The center of Bernhard Lederer’s Universeis located in Colombier, a village on Lake Neuchâtel. At the dawning of the new millennium the watchmaker left Germany for Switzerland – although the traditional hallmark „Swiss made“ has little to no significance for his products. The requirements for the technical and aesthetical quality of Bernhard Lederer’s watches set a higher, international standard.
Yet Switzerland is generally recognized as the cradle of modern watchmaking and thus has a special significance for the young watch brand, since it evokes a magnetic attraction to all travelers, philosophers and technicians in time. The Blu workforce is not only multi-cultural, but also has exceptional multi-tasking capabilities. The workshops for parts manufacturing, finishing and assembly are embedded in a finely woven infrastructure on 1400 square meters of shop, atelier and office surface. The tool makers, finisseurs, engineers and watchmakers come from all over Europe, and they communicate in their own meta language: precision.

New traditions for the Haute Horlogerie
Blu SA is an independent enterprise in the field of Haute Horlogerie, creating with comparatively conventional methods highly unconventional timepieces. Their modern aesthetics go hand in hand with refined technical details and surprising design solutions. „Traditional watchmaking holds no secrets any more“, says Bernhard Lederer. „It is up to us to create new traditions.“
Instead of conventional hands, Blu watches have discs turning on dials that bear no numbers. Or let small dials revolve within a larger, rotating dial. Or make the whole movement turn on three levels with three different rotating speeds, eliminating all necessity for dials, hands or numbers altogether. „Time is a wonderful thing,“ Bernhard Lederer muses. „Albert Einstein confirmed that the dimension of time has a lot to do with one’s own point of view or individual perspective.“

Complicated inside, not outside
Complex and delicate the mechanisms for the turning, Portrait of Blu swivelling and retrograding displays may be, but reading the time on a Blu watch is very simple, an almost intuitive experience. This is another principle of Bernhard Lederer, who sees himself more as the driving force behind his team rather than an executive or even a director. Complications for complication’s sake are certainly not his cup of tea: „Mechanicals and aesthetics are linked very closely, inseparably in my watches“, he lines out. Both elements are equally important to him, right from the outset of concept and design of a new watch, which will show the continuous flow of time in yet another new and fascinating way.

If time is what we read on our watch, as Einstein said, then time for the owner of a Blu watch really is something very special and precious.

BLU MAJESTY TOURBILLON MT3: A tourbillon within a tourbillon within a tourbillon

In more than twenty years Bernhard Lederer has made himself a name with unique watch designs and daring interpretations of extraordinary time displays. This tradition of innovation lives on in his watch brand „Blu“, and very apparently so in the revolutionary movement of his «Majesty» watch, a highly complicated system of three (!) corresponding tourbillons with individual turning speeds.

In the foreground rotates a „semi-flying“ minute tourbillon, mounted on the cage of a flying hour tourbillon, which in turn is carried around the dial by a big 12-hour tourbillon. The power needed to move such a complex mechanism with extreme precision is delivered by twin going barrels hidden under the baseplate – a space which in conventional movements is occupied by the gear cascades. In the case of the Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3 there is no need for seperate gears, as both going train and dial train are incorporated in the ballet of tourbillons displayed on the watch face.

To obtain a logical and „organic“ rotational speed, the escapement in the semi-flying tourbillon beats at a rate of 14.400 v.p.h. or 2 Hertz. The balance wheel has a rather huge diameter (13 mm) and swings considerably slower than most contemporary movements, allowing at every turning point a glimpse at the delicately shaped mechanical marvel. „Only servants rush“, muses Bernhard Lederer, „a king can take his time“.

The Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3, which had its debut on the Baselworld 2007 watch fair, is a truly majestic timepiece, an impressive demonstration of three-dimensional, almost architectural horology. The golden bezel of the watchcase towers on twelve visible columns, each serving as an hour index, resembling the colonnades of the greek Parthenon.