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S'riss Watch Fair 1969 inexpensive watches / G This Swiss watch was createci specially for smokers, at the reo uost of Mr. Richard E. Rudolf, the American Professor, well- known for his research in the harmfulness of tobacco. Effectively, he thinks that intoxication stems not only from the number of cigarettes smoked, but also from consumption frequency. This watch has an independent minute counter that the smoker sets in motion when he puts out a cigarette. He can then verify the time that elapses before lighting another - and avoid doing so if the hand is still in the coloured areas of the dial, corresponding to LI-ie danger periods. Furthermore, a recorder counts, by simply pressing the button, the number of cigarettes smoked daily. A watch made in an inexpensive version, and hence within everybody' s roach, by the firm Sicura at Grenchen. (SICURA - Smoke Watcher)