"The truth about a man can be found in what he hides" - André Malraux.

This sentence has been our inspiration. What we hide is an intimate part of our personality, of our thoughts and dreams. It is what we decide to share with others. Our vision has been to create a watch able to hide or unveil a personality that is not noticeable at first sight. Our desire is that the owner becomes the guardian of these secrets. The watch we propose is fully designed, developed, engineered, and tested in-house. This for us is the essential process that allows to propose a creative and innovative product without compromises. Our objective and commitment is to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. For this reason we constantly strive to respond to the demands and wishes of our customers, search for new and better solutions and never settle for what we do not believe to be the best. Our design is a combination of classical and avant-garde horology. We have focused to ensure that our watch draws on the different emotional dimensions: the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it sounds. The intent is to craft a watch able to convey pure pleasure. We are pleased to present you our first collection that is the result of two exciting years of intensive team work.