Time – the elusive entity that passes us by as we merely look on. Time has been captured in wrist watches since time immemorial. And despite the booming market and industry, there is still space for elegance, versatility, and innovation. That is where Swiss Time comes in. The eye-catching brand offers wrist watches that are more than just time pieces – they are style statements. Swiss Time emerged as a successful watch brand after immense research on the people who are connoisseurs of wrist watches. Swiss Time runs its manufacturing facility on the vertical integration basis and brings with it an intellectual team of designers, architects and technical workers who put their expertise into every timepiece through elegant and efficient craftsmanship. Each Swiss Time watch has its own unique quality and design. Its use of material that sparkle and dazzle while allowing for elegance are the pillars of the satisfaction expressed by Swiss Time’s customers. From elegant watches for ladies; bold, contemporary designs for the youth of today; robust watches for men, Swiss Time’s range is vast. The intricate designs and colour contrasts bring through the intelligence with which each watch is designed. Our 2012 and 2014 collections are full of renewed vigour and glamour. Swiss Time promised its customers to provide the best quality and will continue to its path as long as time connects people.