The emerald mines of Muzo, Colombia, are legendary, like Golconda for diamonds or Mogok for rubies. Muzo is the oldest emerald mine still in operation with over five centuries of uninterrupted activity. Muzo emeralds are prized for their size, their clarity and, above all, their ideal color. These characteristics make them the measure against which all other emeralds are judged. In November of 2009, Muzo International, a branch of Texma Group, was awarded exclusive mining rights to the Muzo mines. Shortly thereafter, the company launched a global operation which is mining, cutting, and polishing all newly produced Colombian emeralds from Muzo. This vertical integration enables Muzo International to offer the market a unique proposition to acquire high quality emeralds at competitive prices from a sustainable and traceable source. This new set up provides gem dealers and other investors with an opportunity to safely invest into one of the most sought after precious gem with the industry leader.

The Muzo Process

Muzo International is unique in the emerald business in that it has complete control of the value chain from mine to market. This controlled trail ensures that both the stones themselves and the methods by which they have been processed are of the highest quality, and is the foundation for the three pillars differentiating Muzo emeralds: - Quality: Muzo’s zero resin/polymer policy ensures that only non-permanent cedar oils are used to embellish the stones, whenever necessary. - Certified Muzo Origin: Muzo emeralds are certified by the most reputable gem labs such as Gübelin, SSEF or Gem Tech Lab. Unique in the gemstone industry, each Muzo International emerald can be accompanied by a certificate confirming its origin. - Traceability: Each Muzo emerald is individually numbered and can be traced back to the rough it originates from. Throughout the Muzo process, commitment to social, ethical and environmental standards remains steadfast.

The Muzo Mine History

Muzo is a municipality in the Department of Boyacá in Colombia, located in the foothills of the eastern branch of the Andes Mountains, 100 kilometers north-northwest of Bogotá. According to Andean Indian mythology, emeralds were the tears an ancient princess shed upon the death of her prince. The Muzo mines, named after the tribe that inhabited this area, were in use for centuries before the Spaniards arrived in the New World in 1492. The conquistadores discovered the secret location of the legendary Muzo mines in 1538. They operated the mines for centuries, sending the Muzo emeralds to the Spanish Royal Court, all over Europe, and even to India where they adorned the treasures of the great Mughals. Emeralds from the mines of Colombia have always commanded a higher asking price in the market compared to other emerald sources, and Muzo mines are the most sought after. Muzo emeralds unique chemical signature with low iron and high vanadium content explains their famous saturated pure green, exceptional size and clarity.