Haute Couture Craftsmanship – ‘Modern Traditional' jewellery

FURRER-JACOT stands for a more than 150-year tradition of craftsmanship for custom-made jewellery, above all for exclusive wedding, engagement and fashion rings. Although the former 'one-man show' at start has grown into a luxury jeweller with worldwide demand for its distinctive pieces, FURRER-JACOT remains devoted to traditional craftsmanship in both thought and deed. “Swiss-made” production, the highest quality standards, the best service and exemplary ethical standards: These are the irrefutable values for which FURRER-JACOT is known; values that permit only in-house production with each step subject to rigorous in-house inspection and control. Using only the very best materials, and under the direction and guidance of the Head Designer, FURRER-JACOT's seamless chain of professional craftsmen consisting of model makers, goldsmiths, diamond setters, turners, polishers and engravers collaborate to produce every piece in-house in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Bespoke jewellery produced on client order

Walter Häusermann, president of FURRER-JACOT, is convinced: "Our philosophy enables us, on the one hand, to combine knowledge of traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations with the most innovative technologies and on the other, to fulfil our clients' entitlement to quality, individuality and ethics." "Our experience has shown that our 'haute couture' approach is the right one." All design and quality-related processes lie solely within our hands; we are entirely independent of third parties and their time and quality constraints. We can make promises to our clients in the absolute certainty of being able to deliver on them. And last but not least: At any time the client can be informed of exactly whose hands his jewellery has passed in production. We are certain that, when the client wears his finished piece, she or he senses and cherishes the knowledge of exactly where it came from – namely from Schaffhausen, Switzerland – for which he is glad to pay that little bit more than at conventional jewellers.