The legacy of time

Creating masterpieces that encapsulate time has always been a family passion. As a child, I loved spending hours watching the meticulous movements of the watchmakers in the family workshop. Whenever a new creation took shape in their gifted hands, their faces would light up with joy and pride. That's my earliest memory as a child.

Blending family tradition and a modern approach

Coming from a family of watchmakers, for me watch making is more than just a manufacturing process. It’s something personal, a part of me I wish to share with others. The culture of enterprise is embedded in the genes of our company. It can be seen everywhere, from the innovative choices of components and materials to the care and precision accorded to each piece. We have always been proud of our Swiss expertise and watchmaking techniques, handed down from generations. We bring our own contemporary ideologies to it to make it technologically avant-garde. The close cooperation and exchange of ideas between the master watchmakers who make Cyril Ratel timepieces and their peers guarantee that manufacture is always at the cutting edge of technology. I grew up with these values. They are an integral part of me. Gazing back at tradition and looking to the future, my team and I draw from the arts, literature, haute couture, the sciences and sociology in our search for new designs.

Urban Adventures

I live in and out of a suitcase and my life reads like a travel journal. My adventures have taken me across vibrant cities like Dubai, Moscow, Miami, New York, Hong Kong etc. My urban sojourns provide me with the inspiration I seek. Lazing in a lounge in Miami, looking at a Jackson Pollock painting at MOMA in New York, reading Bret Easton Ellis in the shade of the palm trees on Marina Beach, Dubai or driving a 911 Carrera 4S in the misty streets of Geneva. I love wandering around towns, imbibing their atmosphere, reading the eyes of strangers, brushing up against the silhouettes of buildings. I have an undying fascination for people and their stories, told or untold. I am excited at the prospect of meeting people who give a city its identity – vivacious like Hong Kong, eclectic and proud like Dubai, indescribable like New York, gentle and refined like Prague or Vienna. You will find my feelings in the aesthetic search for each calibre, dial or bracelet. Cyril Ratel creations are an invitation to live and share the excitement of my urban adventures and my passion for extraordinary watches. I want the watches that we create for you to be synonymous with a laidback charm and relaxation. As ambassadors of your refined taste and elegance, they uplift your persona with their exclusivity. It's nice to be noticed without trying too hard.

Exclusive new collection

For my new Urban Adventures collection I wanted a luminous, architectural design, the fusion of materials (rubber, steel, ceramic, leather) and atmospheres - the atmospheres of places that we urban adventurers love to be part of. You can almost touch the energy emitted from the watches' geometric, sleek, solid shapes. It’s reminiscent of the same energy that is emitted from the pulse of a town, a fantastic private party or a race on the F430 between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The lines in turn conjure up images of avant-garde buildings, the most prestigious F1 chassis or the fuselage of a jet. The masculine models, some of which are set with diamonds, offer combinations where sophistication competes with audacity. The feminine ones on the other hand, are a vivacious blend of zesty colours or precious stones for the dials, bracelets and crowns. Truly femme fatale.

Accessible luxury

Should top-notch, high quality watches be reserved for a clique of connoisseurs only? Of course not. Precisely the reason why I try to make luxury accessible, adorning your wrists with handcrafted timepieces at a sensible price tag. The soundness and reliability of our brand has played an important part in our international success. Cyril Ratel watches are making their presence felt across Middle East and Russia and are gradually seeping into other parts of the world.

Swiss made perfection and quality

Like most prestigious watch manufacturers, Cyril Ratel Geneva Watches is based in Geneva. It’s this illustrious Swiss heritage of watch making that gives us a definite edge. Synergies, emulation and cooperation between craftsmen enable Cyril Ratel Geneva Watches to retain the position of a leading manufacturer of precision watches. Quality is paramount, which is why components and materials pass through very stringent tests. The awarding of the Swiss Made label bears witness to the attention and expertise at every stage of production and assembly. Crafted mostly out of stainless steel and sometimes PVD, the high precision movements of our watches are mechanical or quartz. Each piece is painstakingly assembled by hand by watchmakers trained in the best schools in Geneva and la Chaux de Fonds. Our brilliant artisans have worked in the workshops of the most famous brands. With such a distinguished watch making culture, our talented designers are artists in their own right. They share a spirit of openness to the world which characterises the soul of Cyril Ratel Geneva Watches.

Your time has arrived.

I invite you to come with me into this pulsating journey in time. Where a watch is no longer a mere accessory, but a reflection of who you truly are. It’s time to rediscover yourself with Cyril Ratel Geneva Watches.