Gianfranco Cilluffo, president of Orexport, founded the company in 1969 to design and manufacture jewellery as well as trading with precious metals. Throuhout the years, Gianfranco’s flair for style, his creativity and his passion for jewellery brought the company into worldwide recognition. Today, his son Mattia and his daughter, Chiara, are also closely involved with the passion for creative design. Matthia has both a degree in gemmology and business administration while Claire is well placed to help grow the company having graduated and specialized in history and design. Both are a full part of the creative and administrative teams of the company and both love what they do. And, both work with the International network of loyal customers for feedback and for service. This familiy tradition has focused, for over 40 years, on its strongly contemporary and highly appreciated brand, Matthia’s and Claire. Since the beginning, their manufacturing has always been synonymous with creativity and high quality. Old traditions combine with modern savoir-faire to create unique jewellery for the woman of today.