Born in the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, Georges Dubey loved mechanics from an early age. He dedicated his entire life to his sole passion - watchmaking. His love and devotion for his work, coupled with an unlimited talent and desire to reach new heights of perfection, made him a wellknown master watchmaker and a prominent professor at the famous watchmaking school, the Technicum, in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He strived continuously towards ultimate perfection and at the same time to make his invention affordable, reliable and consequently more useful. This search for perfection came to epitomise the company and is its credo still today. Among his many creations, Georges Dubey invented the ingenious "Index Mobile".


Equally experienced and well known in the watch industry of La Chaux-de-Fonds, René Schaldenbrand saw the great economic potential that he and his friend and now partner, Georges Dubey, were facing. In March 1946 the first few hundred pieces went into production with the new brand name, Dubey & Schaldenbrand.


In 1995, the revival of Dubey & Schaldenbrand started as a homage to the past with Cinette Robert deciding to open her vault containing her fabulous old movement collection. (During the 1970's and early 1980's, Cinette Robert was one of the few visionaries that toured all manufacturers in order to purchase watch movements and components. Recasing each movement according to the era when it was created, the Dubey & Schaldenbrand designs rapidly found a niche with collectors.


Nearly two years working alongside Cinette Robert was enough to immerse himself in it, to establish a clear-cut vision of its future development and finally to buy up the company in order to ensure its continuity. His fascination for beautiful watches has been nurtured within his family environment, as well as during the eight Basel Fairs he has already attended. His determination to become a player, and not merely an admirer in this world with its apparently boundless facets seemed to him a logical next step and a natural objective. Jonatan is, like his illustrious predecessors, an entrepreneur and a real enthusiast of the Craftsmen of Time.