SECULUS represents traditional excellence at a very high level. Switzerland is a perfect place for traditional watch making of high quality and craftsmanship. The name SECULUS comes from the ancient Latin language, representing the meaning of time and continuity. Seculus watches were initially launched in the South American market and soon became one of the most desired exclusive brands. In the footsteps of this success, they rapidly became a sought after and reputable brand in Europe. In 1992, Seculus triumphantly entered Russia and other Eastern European countries. By word of excellence, our product was then successfully introduced into the Middle Eastern regions. Today, we proudly have our signature brand available in the dynamic Asian market. Seculus philosophy is to produce timepieces that reflect the careful craftsmanship of a Swiss watchmaker, using high quality materials and a distinctive and unique design. Seculus watches are assembled by especially trained teams supervised by experienced, handpicked watchmakers, thus assuring the traditional Swiss high standard. Each piece is subject to a strict quality control made by experts and cutting edge equipment. All Seculus watches feature top quality Swiss movements: Ronda quartz and ETA automatic. The Seculus team has a solid knowledge of Swiss design and production, prepared to relay the Seculus message to customers, constantly undergoing training and attending technical workshops. Honoring the long standing tradition of Swiss watchmakers’ expertise and assurance of technology we graciously offer superlative quality. In order to achieve optimal precision and a reliable timepiece legacy, Seculus has become the pulse of the latest trends. Keeping pace with technical progress and mechanical functionality Seculus assures a lifetime of product satisfaction. SECULUS: Times change, values remain