Antoine Preziuso, an independent watchmaker and designer since 1980 who graduated at the top of his class from the Geneva Watchmaking School and is renowned in the field of fine Swiss watch making, created his brand in 1996. He can be credited with many patents including most notably the famous 3Volution, a three-cage tourbillon movement. He is a member of the AHCI (the Horological Academy of Independent Creators) and an apprenticeship supervisor. The philosophy of ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE is based on three main values: independence and creativity, with passion as the driving force behind them. These are the three values that explain the whole structure of the company, as well as its strategic choices. Benefitting from absolute freedom in creative and commercial terms, the watch range can be diversified in an entirely unrestricted manner, through daring to explore new technical and aesthetic solutions and using rare materials such as meteorite. Likewise, the brand’s resolutely high-end positioning enables it to maintain limited production, and thus absolute control over quality, as it relates to the watches themselves as well as to customer relations. Customers are therefore offered a totally personalized service, offered by one set of passionately enthusiastic individuals to another. Finally, the structure of a company such as ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE, composed of a small team of highly qualified professionals, ensures unrivalled reaction times, in terms of delivery as well as after-sales service. It is by building on these assets and qualities that the Antoine Preziuso Genève brand intends to expand its point-of -sale network in the medium term, based on the current model of a limited number of well-established stores in every continent.