SULTANA has positioned itself as the specialist of elegant and stylish timepieces. Stylish interpretations and a classic charm have earned the Swiss brand huge respect. With each new creation, Sultana proves its perseverance and dedication to the never ending quest for perfection in every detail. SULTANA watches are an intergral part of the Swiss watchmaking history. The SULTANA company was founded in 1937, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, by Mr. Paul Gaston Schwarz and the SULTANA brand name was first registered in Bern, Switzerland in 1955. Over the years SULTANA has been awarded a number of prizes at international events like the winning of the Grand Prix at the Internationale de Tessalonique in Greece in 1939. One of the first SULTANA models to be manufactured was a mechanical watch with a single movement that could simultaneously display two time zones. The dial included both Turkish and Arabic hour symbols. A magnifying glass on the date window located at 6 o’clock facilities the reading of the date. The push-button located at 2 o’clock, beside the winding-crown, allowed for separate adjustment of the two sets of hands. This was indeed a strong reflection of the technical expertise at that time. Thanks to a new, dynamic and creative management, SULTANA products are set to conquer new markets. The classic and elegant designs, the uncompromising quality and the high degree of technical perfection all will ensure total satisfaction of any international clientele in search of authentic and timeless time pieces. SULTANA has been inspired by the myths and legends of Ancient Greece for the conception of its collections.