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"Snyper Watches are the latest evolution of an independent watch making fellowship. The adventure started summer 2008 on the French Riviera, when the so-called Snypers decided to build a watch brand that is named after their friendship and offered to the people sharing their vision. One of today's most talented contemporary watch designer, designed the watch. He created models for famous brands and holds patents for exceptional new technical developments in watch artisanship. The Snyper Watch belongs to an exciting and entirely new brand of modern watch making. Freedom from any previous corporate culture or traditional reference has enabled the designer to fully employing his unique creativity and professional expertise in the design of the Snyper. Snyper is a philosophy of life only achievable by a blend of friendship, taste and success. The Snypers believe in community lifestyle and therefore designed and produced an exquisite recognition object. Possessing a Snyper proudly shows that you belong to our community."

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