Ronda – makers of watch hearts

Time is our constant companion. But even the most extravagant watch needs a reliable movement to keep it in regular motion. And Switzerland has earned itself an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of the finest watch movements. Ronda has been committed to time for decades now. Today, the company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality watch movements of innovative design. Its movements tick away in a vast range of watches from the elegant to the sporty, in the models of numerous fashion brands and in the exclusive timepieces produced for the luxury market sector market sector.

Swiss roots - international horizons

Ronda is a Swiss company that can draw on a long and proud heritage. Its founder William Mosset showed a strong pioneering spirit even in his early years, developing numerous valuable inventions. In 1946, he established the firm in Lausen, near Basel, which also became the site of its first manufacturing facility. Today’s international Ronda Group extends to five subsidiaries: three production facilities in Switzerland, a manufacturing plant in Thailand and a sales office in Hong Kong. – All in all, the Group employs about 1800 personnel in its Swiss and Asian operations.

Independence for watch brands worldwide

As a family business that is now in the hands of the second generation, Ronda attaches the highest value to maintaining its full independence. This is undoubtedly a key benefit for customers, too, as it allows the shareholders to define and pursue their own business and development strategy and meet the needs of each individual client in correspondingly concrete form. As this successful market orientation confirms all too clearly, this same independence has enabled Ronda to secure a leading role in its specialist field and within the broader watch manufacturing sector.

Swiss watch assembly

Since 2002, Ronda Time Center offers watch assembly services to branded watch manufacturers all over the world. All the watch movements used are of exclusively Swiss origin, to ensure that the finished product can be marketed under the prestigious “Swiss Made” label. With their high reliability, Swiss watches enjoy an excellent reputation, as is confirmed by the growing market for such top-quality timepieces.

Head office

RONDA AG, Lausen, Swizterland : Development, logistics, production, marketing and controlling


RONDA TIME CENTER, Stabio, Swizterland : Watch assembly for customers FARONE, Stabio, Swizterland : Assembly of Swiss Made movements ZWAHLEN, Court, Swizterland : Production of turned parts RONDA THAILAND, Bangkok : Production of components and assembly of Swiss Parts movements RONDA HONG KONG, Hong Kong : Sales office