Creating Time for You!

RONDA is a world leader in the manufacture of highly accurate quartz movements with eye-catching designs - particularly worth mentioning are the successful Mastertech and Startech lines.

Famous watch manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA number among its customers and its products can be found inside brand name watches, ranging from elegant and sporty timepieces to stylish fashion accessories and luxurious models.

Founded in 1946, this traditional Swiss firm has its roots in the countryside around Basel, where its headquarters are still located today. Currently, over 2000 staff are employed in Switzerland and Asia.

The family-owned company aims to maintain absolute independence, which is an uncontested benefit for customers. Further key elements in its strategy are the development of innovative products and the fostering of good personal relations with trading partners. As a team-oriented organization, RONDA is well known for its capacity to develop solutions tailored to specific market requirements. Flexibility, fast reactions and timely deliveries are other success factors.