Company profile


Rodania is an authentic brand, not fake or staged, genuine, with real people, a brand for every day, close to daily life, a profoundly emotional brand that is close and accessible, warm and friendly and part of everyone’s life. Striving for the best price for quality has always been a prime issue for the company. Rodania wishes to offer a Swiss Made timepiece at a 'correct price'. Nevertheless, the company through the years has strived to be inventive when it comes to the product, uncompromising when it comes to quality.


Rodania is evolving. New product design, communication and image give the entire Rodania collection a distinct and authentic look. You can see the difference at a glance, but the difference is not just confined to the watches we create. With the new look comes a fresh, positive “feel” and a clear vision for the brand, namely to be the watch brand that is different because it inspires people to “Retake time”.

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