BERGEON Rotating stand N° 7965-S12
BERGEON Rotating stand N° 7965-S12
BERGEON Rotating stand N° 7965-S12


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Rotating stand N° 7965-S12

Bergeon builds on extensive research to develop tools whose technical qualities and ergonomics exactly correspond to watchmakers' needs. Launched in 2016, the 7965 screwdriver range, with its innovative design and carefully studied functionality, immediately stood out as contributing to production quality. Encouraged by this success, Bergeon now presents a rotating stand N° 7965-S12 with 12 special-profile screwdrivers. They are adapted for use with the 7965-C range of dynamometric barrel drums. As an additional feature, the stand has six empty slots for storing the barrel drums. More good reasons for Bergeon to continue as a trusted partner in the making of fine Swiss watches.
Stainless steel shaft. Synthetic, high-resistance, self-lubricating tip. Conical blade in 54HRC hardened stainless steel. Blade diameters: 0.60 mm, 0.70 mm, 0.80 mm, 0.90 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.40 mm, 1.50 mm, 1.60 mm, 1.80 mm, 2.00 mm and 2.50 mm. 7965-C barrel drums Bi-directional. Can be positioned along the full length of the screwdriver. Pre-adjusted for torque of 10 to 60 mNm. Colour-coded for easy identification of torque.