Ali, a man with a free-flowing imagination, decided to cozy up to Co, a genius whose bold attitude knows no bounds! In 2011, their fantastic collaboration brought forth Ali&Co, a "studio for extraordinary ideas". Their objective: to bring Ali's dreams to life, but also to spread a healthy dose of invigorating inspiration to other people. With their offbeat creations, Ali&Co invite us into a sunny world. After several years of dreaming and researching, Ali&Co are now ready to present two watchmaking inventions. The first, a watch with a mysterious two-sided display, is based on the principle of duality. It can be worn right-side-out or inside-out! Its hands tick off the passing time along a transparent dial. Ali&Co wanted the second watch model to be affordable for all. It is also a two-sided watch. Both can be used as a payment method, since they has a built-in chip. Ali&Co beckon us into an upside-down world where anything is possible for anyone.