Founded nearly 30 years ago, the AHCI today consists of 34 active members and 4 candidates from 13 different countries. Our members are among the most gifted independent creators from around the world, representing the finest attributes of the watchmaking tradition. It is fitting that the AHCI be located in Switzerland, a country synonymous with watches. The AHCI was established to protect the independence of its members. In doing so, our watchmakers are the guardians of both innovation and tradition. This year the AHCI is proudly represented at Baselworld by the following 13 unique creators: Exhibiting members: - Svend Andersen, Switzerland - Hajime Asaoka, Japan - Robert Bray, United Kingdom - Vincent Calabrese, Switzerland - Konstantin Chaykin, Russia - Miki Eleta, Switzerland - Beat Haldimann, Switzerland - Frank Jutzi, Switzerland - Sebastian Naeschke, Germany - Rainer Nienaber, Germany - Andreas Strehler, Switzerland - Antoine Preziuso, Switzerland Exhibiting candidates:* - Kim Djapri, Germany - Xu Jibao, China *The AHCI membership is exclusive. This year the AHCI will be hosting one potential new member currently being reviewed by the membership committee. The AHCI seeks to preserve tradition and promote innovation. Each year, to support the next generation, the AHCI chooses a selected few of up-and-coming creators and awards them a valuable and important sponsorship to Baselworld, where they can show their creations to a broader audience. Participants to the 2016 Young Talents Competition will be announced at Baselworld. Please visit our booth to see the future of watchmaking and meet this year’s young talents. Be a contributor to support the art of artisanal watchmaking; help prepare the foundation for our young talents and secure the versatility of the watchmaking future. Our craftsmanship depends on financial support from people and organizations like you. Please show your support by visiting us on the web at: www.ahci.ch/partnering The AHCI is a non-profit association with the mission to perpetuate the art of independent watch and clock-making. On behalf of all our members, we hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you very much. The AHCI Executive Board Miki Eleta Paul Gerber Marc Jenni